A fertility doctor in Germany is in hot water after he gave his teenage daughter a boy’s name.

The girl’s father, who works as a fertility specialist at a private clinic, called the treatment ‘racist’ in a blog post.

Dr. Stefan Hörmann, a German doctor, told the website that he decided to give his daughter, known as Elina, the name Elina after his daughter’s grandfather, who was German and had German names.

Dr Hörman said that he had never considered changing the name of his daughter.

‘I never thought about it,’ he said in the post, which has since been removed.

‘But I think I have changed her name because I thought it would make her feel more comfortable and I didn’t want her to feel discriminated against because of her identity.’

The post was made on Monday and quickly went viral, receiving thousands of shares.

Dr Mika Malser, who teaches at the University of Kiel, told German news website NDR that it is common for people to name their children after relatives.

‘Many people have their children named after relatives, and sometimes it can be done as an extension of their family name,’ she said.

‘Sometimes people name their kids after people they know, but I do not think that is the case with Elina.’

A doctor’s daughter is named after his grandfather, and a woman in Germany, who decided to name her child after her father.

Dr Stefan Hörsing said that Elina is now 14 months old.

‘We are proud of her.

She is a beautiful girl,’ he wrote in the blog.

Elina’s father said that she is ‘a very good mother’ and that he ‘wouldn’t have done this if I didn´t know about it.’

He added that he was disappointed in Dr Höring’s decision to change the girl’s surname.

‘He did not do anything to deserve it,’ the father told the news site.

‘When he first called me I thought, ‘Oh, my God, this is horrible, he is racist, sexist.

He doesn´t understand what a girl´s name is.

‘It makes her feel uncomfortable.’

‘It also gives the impression that the family are against us because we are German.

We have always felt very comfortable in Germany and we are proud to be German.’

The father added that Elna’s name has been changed to Elina because it is easier to pronounce.

‘She is a girl and I love her.

It makes me feel better,’ he told the Kielerische Volkskrant newspaper.