IVF has long been a safe option for couples to conceive if they are able to get pregnant, but some doctors are warning of an increased risk for birth defects in men who undergo the procedure.

“There’s no reason to get married,” Dr. Jennifer Douds, president of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine told ABC News.

“This is a safe way to have children.

It’s not a safe and easy way to conceive.

There’s a lot of risk involved, and there are also things that can go wrong.””

There is a risk that the man can get pregnant,” Doud said.

“The question is, is he willing to accept that risk?”

In the past few years, many states have passed legislation that allows for IVF procedures in the home.

But some states, like New Jersey and Illinois, do not allow IVF treatments to be done at hospitals or other facilities.

Dr. Doud also spoke to ABC News about the potential risks of men undergoing IVF.

“We are not saying this is going to cause a woman to miscarry,” she said.

However, if the fertilized egg is implanted, the resulting embryos can be passed on to a new father, and the new father can become a father if he’s tested positive for any genetic disorders.

The FDA says it has no specific guidelines on the use of IVF in couples.

In its announcement on Thursday, the agency said it does not recommend the procedure be used for fertility treatment.

However the agency also said that, while it does support the need for informed consent and the use and knowledge of the physician in making the decision, “the FDA does not have any scientific evidence to support the safety and efficacy of IV, as a method of conception.”