When a California woman named Laura Miller was pregnant with twins, she knew she had to do something.

Miller’s husband, Mark, told her that he was going to have a child.

Miller didn’t believe him.

She was already having problems with her marriage.

She had been diagnosed with anorexia nervosa and depression, and her weight and weight gain had led to anorectal cancer and an attempted suicide.

But it wasn’t because of the twins.

Miller, a former teacher, told NBC News that she wasn’t going to let those things stop her from being a parent.

She knew she was doing the right thing for her kids.

So she decided to try a new way to help them grow.

Her plan: She was going out to her local grocery store, pick out some fertilizers and start selling them.

That’s when she noticed a big change in the environment: Her grocery store was full of people wearing lab coats and lab coats were giving birth.

Miller says she felt like a pioneer.

People were not wearing lab coat and lab coat.

So she went to the Whole Foods market, grabbed a couple of bags, and started selling fertilizers to the customers.

Miller told NBC affiliate KABC-TV, “I had to change everything in my life.

I had to quit my job.

I couldn’t live like I did before.

I’m not going to live like that anymore.”

So Miller started a local food pantry.

She started a foundation that helps low-income people and families buy fertilizers.

Her business is called Flower Gardens.

Miller now has an estimated 15,000 customers who are able to use the fertilizers on their own, she told NBC.

The fertilizers are priced around $2 a bag and they’re available at Whole Foods, Kroger, Walmart and other stores.

She also sells them to her customers at her local farmers market.

“I don’t want my kids to grow up to be homeless because of their mother.

And I want them to growup to be healthy, happy people,” she told KABC.

Miller and her husband are very happy with the way they’ve grown their business.

“We have a lot of gratitude for the support,” Miller said.

“We’re very grateful.

I love the people we’ve met.

We’ve got lots of great customers.

We’re doing a lot good things.

I hope people will see this, and then they’ll think about what they’re doing.”