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How to Use Fertilizer to Reduce Water Use

What do you do when your water usage goes down?The answer is simple: Use fertilizer!According to new research, fertilizer is the answer to the water crisis.In a study released this week by the American Association of Agribusinesses, farmers can reap the benefits of using fertilizers by saving up to 1.6 million gallons of water a […]

How to Use Grass Fertilizers

How to use grass fertilizers for best results, especially in your garden.How to use Grass Fetch is an easy to use soil fertility booster and fertilizer for the lawn.Read more about fertilizers and fertilizers fertilizers fertilizer spreader

How to fertilize your garden and garden soil

An Indian company is developing an organic fertilizer that is thought to offer benefits for the environment and farmers.The company, Srivastava Biodiversity, is in the process of testing its “fertilizer” in the country, with plans to commercialize it by the end of the year.Srivastavas Ecofertivire Limited (Seba) was formed by a group of entrepreneurs in […]

How to make lecithin fertilizer

Lecithins are natural organic fertilizers, which are sometimes found in organic products.They can also be used to make compost and other organic fertilizer mixes.In fact, there’s a Leciths website with some great information.Some leciths are also made into food-grade fertilizer, but these are more often used as an ingredient in baking mixes, which is why […]

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