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How to Use Fertilizer to Reduce Water Use

What do you do when your water usage goes down?The answer is simple: Use fertilizer!According to new research, fertilizer is the answer to the water crisis.In a study released this week by the American Association of Agribusinesses, farmers can reap the benefits of using fertilizers by saving up to 1.6 million gallons of water a […]

High nitrogen fertilizer in Arizona: State says nitrogen is a major threat

AUGUSTA, Ga.(AP) High nitrogen fertilizers are not only killing wildlife, they’re also destroying the state’s delicate ecosystem, according to a study released Tuesday.Researchers at Georgia Tech’s College of Agriculture, Science and Natural Resources found that high nitrogen fertilizer use by farmers is destroying the native forests that protect the state from flooding and drought.They also […]

Which are the most toxic chemicals?

A new chemical released in the wake of a devastating tornado in Oklahoma that killed more than 300 people is among the most dangerous.The new chemical, called neonicotinoid, is an insecticide that is used to control honeybees and other pollinators in crops, including cotton, soybeans, and almonds.It was first used in the U.S. in the […]

Fox Farm fertilaid for Men – FertilAid

The first Fox Farm fertilizeraid is for men.You can get it by paying up to $100,000, or by buying a pair of Fox Farm gloves.The gloves are not the only option, but they are the best.They have been shown to be effective in reducing the risk of men getting meningitis and are a good way […]

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