When are you fertile?

The Huffington Strikers, a British feminist group, released a video on Wednesday in which it shows how a fertilized egg becomes a human embryo, and how the process works.The video is titled “Human Embryo, Human, Human!”It is narrated by a woman in the video, who claims that the process of fertilization is a form of […]

How to Use Fertilizer to Reduce Water Use

What do you do when your water usage goes down?The answer is simple: Use fertilizer!According to new research, fertilizer is the answer to the water crisis.In a study released this week by the American Association of Agribusinesses, farmers can reap the benefits of using fertilizers by saving up to 1.6 million gallons of water a […]

When is the best time to use nitrogen fertilizers?

If you’re worried about nitrogen in the environment, you might be interested in our guide to the latest research into how much nitrogen you need to put in your soil.The most important question for many gardeners is, “Is my soil nitrogen deficient?”.And as a result, most gardeners are looking at nitrogen fertilisers, which come in […]

How to get pregnant again

In the past two weeks, a number of men have been given the all-clear after being diagnosed with the virus.They are all men who had sex with a woman who tested positive for the virus and had no symptoms.But some still struggle with the fact that they are pregnant, and many women who tested negative […]

What are the most popular fertilizers for male fertility?

By Mark HarnedThe New York Times/ReutersIn recent years, a growing number of fertilizers and pesticides have been introduced into the marketplace that target male fertility, which affects around 30 million men worldwide.But the fertilizers that have become popular with men are not only less effective at reducing male fertility than their female counterparts, they are […]

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