The NFL is expected to make changes to its helmet rules for next season.

The league’s governing body announced Monday that the new rules will be in place through Sept 30.

The new rule will apply to all players and players wearing helmets that do not conform to the new headgear standard that will be announced in September.

The new helmet standard will be implemented through Sept 29.

A player can use a new helmet that is not compliant with the helmet standard that was adopted by the league in 2018, if the player does not wear a helmet that conforms to the helmet rule.

The player will be required to wear a new mask.

The mask must meet the requirements for the new helmet rule for that specific player.

The rule change applies to players wearing helmet helmets that are worn with a helmet strap that is different from the helmet strap on which the helmet is mounted.

A helmet that has the helmet mount on it is no longer considered a helmet helmet and is considered a standard helmet.

The rule change will be effective immediately and applies to all league games starting with the first preseason game.

The NFL is in the midst of a concussion settlement process involving the league’s concussion protocol and is expected make a final decision on the settlement during the week of September 26.

The NFL said it expects to announce a final settlement during that week.

The rules that were in place in 2018 have been updated to address the use of the nasal strip and the new rule is expected by the end of September.

The National Football League is expected later this month to announce its new helmet standards.

The changes are expected to be implemented in a manner similar to the rule changes in 2018.