La Villa Fertility Centre of Illinoises fertilizer plant is expected to close this week, according to a source.

The company has already reported a $500 million budget shortfall, but the plant will not be able to close on its own.

According to a company statement, the closure of the facility “is necessary to address current financial and operational challenges and to prepare for the construction of a new facility that will be able meet the needs of our growing clientele.”

La Villas facility, located in the suburbs of Chicago, is currently being used for a high volume of fertilizer and has been used for over a decade by the company, but is now being phased out.

The La Viva Fertility center is owned by a company that is the largest single shareholder of the Illinois-based fertilizer and fertilizers company.

The plant was built in 2005, with La Vina Fertility in the background.

The facility, which serves the city of Urbana-Champaign, is estimated to have been producing more than 100,000 tons of fertilizers and pesticides annually.

As part of the closure, the fertilizer plant will close on Sunday, according a source close to the situation.

According the Illinois Department of Agriculture, La Vota Fertility will continue to operate the facility.

The closure is a loss for La Vita Fertility, a company which operates the largest high-volume fertilizer plant in the country.

As reported earlier, the plant was set to be demolished last week.

La Vitta Fertility has not released the exact amount of the loss and is currently seeking a solution to the issue.

In an official statement, LaVitta Fittion said that the closure was necessary to continue to address the company’s financial and operating challenges.

“The closure of La Vica Fertility is necessary to resolve the ongoing financial and organizational challenges faced by La Vittana Fertility,” the company said.

“This has been a difficult and costly decision that will have a positive impact on our clients and their families, and is an indication of the long-term value of this highly respected family-owned business.”

LaVilla Fittions fertilizers are used to treat fertilizers that are sprayed in Illinois.

The fertilizer is used for the treatment of cotton, soybeans, and other crops.

LaVida Fittiess plants in Illinois, Illinois-Missouri and Missouri have the capacity to process approximately 1.3 million tons of fertilizer annually.