From the New York Times:The United States is the only industrialized nation that allows its citizens to use a single birth control method for all their pregnancies.

The pill is the most widely used form of birth control.

But it can’t be prescribed to pregnant women.

If you’re thinking of trying to conceive, there are two options.

The first is the pill, a pill that you take every day.

The second is the copper-based injectable version known as a copper-containing intrauterine device.

The injectable is a safer, more effective alternative.

The Pill is not a pill.

If your doctor prescribes it, you can take it.

If he or she doesn’t, you don’t have to.

The pill has many advantages over other birth control methods.

You don’t need a prescription for it.

It’s convenient, easy to use, and costs less than other methods.

If a doctor prescales the pill for you, you’ll have to go to a hospital and have the drug injected into your uterus.

You’ll have a backup if you need to get a second shot.

The cost for a copper intrauterus device is about $1,500.

The second option is the Copper-containing IUD, a form of contraception that’s also available in pill form.

If the pill isn’t your thing, you might want to get an IUD.

An IUD can be a little pricey, but you’re getting the same benefits as the copper intrauletas.

You can also get a copper IUD in pill or injectable form.

You may want to wait a little longer to get one.

The Copper-based IUDs, like the IUD that’s currently available, have a copper coating that protects against sexually transmitted diseases.

They’re also easier to use.

The copper IUs have a ring around the base of the uterus that allows it to feel better than other IUD devices.

There are three kinds of copper IU: the copper ring, the copper cup, and the copper cap.

The ring is a silicone ring, and it’s about 2.5 inches long.

The cup is a thin plastic cup that has a small hole on one side for the sperm to enter.

The cap is a plastic piece that’s attached to the bottom of the IU and holds it in place.

Copper-IUDs cost $10 for a single dose.

You might also be able to get them over the counter for about $50, but that’s the priciest form.

They usually come in copper and gold color.