A mother of five with a baby in the back seat of her truck was forced to abort a pregnancy after doctors told her that she would be more likely to have a miscarriage if she was not pregnant at the time of her abortion.

She has filed a federal lawsuit against the New York City Department of Health, claiming that doctors who prescribed the drug, nifedipine, were negligent.

 “They were treating me as if I was pregnant, even though I was not,” said Ms. Lobo, who lives in New York’s Brooklyn borough.

“I was told that my life was over if I did not abort my pregnancy.”

 Ms. Lobb said she had already undergone four surgeries to remove her unborn child from her body and her health had declined to the point where she could not afford the abortion medication.

“I’m terrified,” Ms. Cunha said, adding that her husband, who is a firefighter, and her daughter, also in the family, were in the hospital as a result of the botched procedure.

Ms. Cinaz, who was 15 weeks pregnant at first, said that she was forced by the hospital to give birth while being treated for a miscarriage.

“We were told I would have a normal baby and that was the truth,” she said.

“My baby was going to be fine and I would not be affected.

The doctors gave us false information.”

Ms Lobo and her husband are seeking $500 million in damages, arguing that the doctors who administered the drug and the hospital who failed to provide proper medical care were negligent in failing to provide the necessary medical treatment.

Dr. Steven Schmitz, a physician who performed the abortion at NYU Langone Medical Center, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

New York City’s Department of Public Health declined to comment.

The New York Times has reached out to NYU Langley for comment and will update this story if we receive a response.