Ontario is facing a shortage of nitrogen fertilizer, and the supply is at risk of running out.

“We’re talking about a lot of families right now,” said Mary Beth Fong, who has two young children aged eight and six.

“They’ve had some problems in the past, and it’s going to be a real challenge to get the supply in.”

“Theres a lot going on in the farm, so they’ve had a couple of really bad years, so it’s hard to know if we’re going to have enough,” Fong said.

“I’m worried about them and my children.”

Fong has worked in Ontario’s dairy industry for more than a decade.

She has worked at several dairy farms in northern Ontario, where the supply of nitrogen fertilizers is at its lowest.

She said the shortage is affecting her and her family.

“It’s been really hard,” Fonng said.

Fong is the owner of two dairy farms and is also the sole parent to two other children.

She says she and her husband are having to work twice as hard to meet their food needs, which includes buying more than they do at the grocery store.

Fonings husband is also a teacher and she has to work three jobs just to feed them.

FONG said that in the fall, they will have to start buying more fertilizer.

FONING is now having to use a little more of her food for fertilizer because of the shortage.

Fondings husband and her two other kids are in their third year of preschool.

She worries about how their children will be able to eat the nutritious foods they have been eating.

“My children are really healthy,” FONG told CBC News.

Theyre eating a lot. “

So theres a bit of a worry for them.

Theyre eating a lot.

Ive got a lot more food to make sure theyre getting enough.”

FONG says she has been worried about how the food she has made for her family will taste for the next few months.

FONDING said she is starting to feel the pinch.

FOGIN says she is having to spend more time looking for a way to make the nitrogen fertilizer she needs.

FODGIN is worried about her husband and their children, and said that if she is unable to sell more fertilizer, she will be forced to cut back on her hours.

“He’s kind of a full-time job, so if we can’t sell more, then we have to shut down the farm,” FODgins husband said.

But FODgs husband and his children will not be affected.

Fondo said she and Fong have been working hard to make up for the shortfall.

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