Jeevan Kulkarni and her three daughters are among hundreds of people who have signed a petition demanding the state government should allow their child to grow up with Down Syndrome.

They have written to the Centre seeking approval for their daughter, who is now 11 years old, to have a second round of injections of blood from her womb.

The petition says her mother was told she could only have one round of IVF treatment a year, and was denied access to a clinic.

Jeevan’s father is a paramedic, and his wife, Durga, works as a house cleaner in their home.

He has been in the hospital with the couple for five years.

The couple had hoped to have their daughter with Down’s syndrome born by now, but they were told she would not be able to do so.

Jeevin’s parents said they had hoped their daughter would live to be at least 10 years old.

They said the last time their daughter had a baby was around six years ago, and she was so happy with her first pregnancy that she would do anything to make her daughter grow up to be normal.

“I feel sorry for the girl,” Durga told NDTV.

She said she was told by doctors she had no chance of having a second child, given that her husband and son were not eligible for any government assistance.

Dr Rakesh Bhargava, an obstetrician and gynecologist, told NDtv that there was a problem with the IVF procedure in India.

He said that the state was not aware of the procedure’s safety, and that there were cases where babies were not born at all.

He said the doctors had not received any complaints from anyone about the procedure.

I feel really sorry for them, he said.

But Dr Bhargav said that he would have been happy if Jeevans children were born normal.

Dr Bhargawav said he would not have been able to give Jeeva a second IVF shot.

His patients are mostly poor families with children, he told ND TV.