It was a routine visit to the maternity ward for a woman who had a baby a few days earlier.

The doctor asked if she wanted an ultrasound.

“No, I’m not pregnant,” she said.

But she did want to see an ultrasound for her first child, her unborn baby.

“I was so excited and excited.

I said, ‘Oh, I can’t wait!'”

The woman was surprised to hear that she would not be able to see the baby.

She was also shocked to find out that her husband and children had already conceived.

“They didn’t know,” she told News24.

“So when I asked, ‘Did you know that your husband had an ultrasound?’ they said, no.”

The doctor had the patient’s husband, a father of three, sign an affidavit.

The affidavit read: The patient and husband were married for more than six years, but they did not become pregnant together.

In April 2015, the husband, while on a business trip, went to the hospital with the woman to have an ultrasound of the baby and gave her the baby as a gift.

After the ultrasound, the woman told the husband that she was pregnant.

The husband took her to the clinic, but she later miscarried.

“The doctor told me that I should not have done that,” the woman said.

“And then the doctor told us that my husband was not pregnant and that I was not in any way responsible for what happened to my husband.”

The woman’s husband is now a father.

The hospital where she went to have the ultrasound also told News25 that the woman was never offered an ultrasound or the child conceived.

A local fertility clinic, however, is refusing to take on the woman’s case because of a lack of legal support.

The clinic told News26 that it had been in touch with the family but that they have no plans to provide the woman with any kind of support.

According to a local health official, “It is the duty of the court to assist and support women, and we are doing that with our clients.

However, we are not aware of any case where a woman has been assisted with an ultrasound.”

The local fertility centre is not alone in its refusal to help.

“It’s been happening for years,” a woman in her mid-40s told News16.

“We’re not allowed to have ultrasounds, and it’s very hard to get in touch.

It’s a very expensive procedure and it can cost up to Rs 20,000.”

The National Family Health Survey has found that only 17% of women aged between 15 and 49 have undergone an ultrasound, with nearly half (47%) of those women having been denied an ultrasound due to a lack