In the past two weeks, a number of men have been given the all-clear after being diagnosed with the virus.

They are all men who had sex with a woman who tested positive for the virus and had no symptoms.

But some still struggle with the fact that they are pregnant, and many women who tested negative do not realise they have the virus until they find out they are.

The BBC has spoken to a number women who are pregnant.

We have also interviewed a number men who have had sex while they were pregnant.

The virus can cause a range of problems for women and can even cause a miscarriage, if a fertilised egg does not develop into a viable baby.

If you or anyone you know is pregnant, call the Women’s Health NHS on 08457 1111 or visit your local hospital for advice.

How to keep yourself safe from the virus: The only way to protect yourself is to keep your home and surroundings safe.

Be vigilant about what you wear and don’t bring to public places, even if you do not have any symptoms.

If someone is suspicious of you, say you are sick, wear your best clothes and keep a low profile.

Wear a mask, wear gloves and do not leave the house without a condom.

If in doubt, talk to a health care professional.

If your symptoms get worse, call your GP or see your GP immediately.

The best way to prevent becoming infected is to get tested for the new strain of the virus, which is spread through the air.

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