An Indian company is developing an organic fertilizer that is thought to offer benefits for the environment and farmers.

The company, Srivastava Biodiversity, is in the process of testing its “fertilizer” in the country, with plans to commercialize it by the end of the year.

Srivastavas Ecofertivire Limited (Seba) was formed by a group of entrepreneurs in 2013.

It has since expanded into other markets, including China and India, as well as markets in the United States.

According to Srivashavas website, it is focused on providing organic fertilizers to small and medium-sized enterprises, farmers and other industries.

The fertilizer is formulated using a patented, “microbial soil” system.

“Sebastavastava is a certified organic company,” Srivas co-founder and chief executive officer, Ashok Singh said in a statement.

“It has been certified for over 50 years, and we are confident that our product will offer a significant impact on the environment.”

The company has already launched in several other countries, including India, Indonesia, Russia and the United Kingdom.

The fertilizers were also found to be effective against the common nematode nematodes, which cause a range of diseases including malaria, pneumonia and meningitis.

Sebavastava’s product is expected to be able to withstand higher temperatures and harsh weather conditions, the company said.

It was also reported that the company has a partnership with a Chinese company, Zhongqing, that makes its fertilizer for use in the China market.