Garden fertilizer is a common fertilizer for plants and soil.

The fertilizing properties of this common fertilizer are found in its high content of nitrogen and phosphorus.

The main benefit of this fertilizer is that it will also be effective in reducing the soil carbon dioxide content in the soil.

Some of the other benefits include reducing the water use, reducing the need for fertilizers, and preventing soil erosion.

This fertilizing fertilizer will also reduce the need of pesticides and herbicides.

Many people who use this fertilizing agent will also need to take other supplements to prevent the development of some diseases and other environmental conditions.

Garden fertilizers will be available in the garden fertilizer section of your local supermarket, or at your local drugstore.

You may also find the products in your local home improvement store or online.

In some cases, you may be able to find this fertilizer online at your hardware store, or you can purchase it at a local farmers market.