WASHINGTON — The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is delaying the birth control pill for women and men because of concerns that it can cause a fertilization disorder called CNV-19.

Covids are viruses that cause inflammation and death.

If the virus is present, it can damage the lining of the uterus, which makes the eggs hard and brittle.

The FDA has said that if women who have been exposed to the virus have their eggs removed, it would cause them to become infertile.

The pills will not be available to women who already have fertility treatments.

The CDC said Thursday that it will not allow women who are at risk of developing a fertilisation disorder to use the pill unless they have received a vaccine and have had two cycles of contraception and are currently at risk for CNV.

The agency said the delay is needed to determine the long-term safety and effectiveness of the vaccine.

The CNV vaccine is part of the government’s effort to protect the public from a new virus that has been linked to serious complications for women who become pregnant.