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How to deal with phosphorus fertilizer in your garden

As the number of people suffering from kidney and lung cancer increases in the UK, farmers and gardeners are finding it increasingly difficult to manage phosphorus fertilizers properly.The chemical is also being blamed for an increase in bacterial infections in the soil.But there are a few things you can do to make sure your garden […]

How to buy a fertilizer that works indoors

Now Playing: New tests on baby’s immune system could save lives article Now Loading…Now Playing…Home Depot says new test could save baby’s lifeNow Playing: How to make sure your home has a natural killer insideNow Playing…The world’s first ‘fertilizer that kills bacteria, viruses and ticks’Now Playing?The world is experiencing an unprecedented number of food allergies […]

What are the most popular fertilizers for male fertility?

By Mark HarnedThe New York Times/ReutersIn recent years, a growing number of fertilizers and pesticides have been introduced into the marketplace that target male fertility, which affects around 30 million men worldwide.But the fertilizers that have become popular with men are not only less effective at reducing male fertility than their female counterparts, they are […]

New research finds fertilizer in corn helps prevent cervical cancer

CUTFIELD, Ky.— Celiac disease can be prevented by taking the following steps:1.Use grass fertilizer2.Use a good-quality grass fertilizer3.Use the proper amount of fertilizer4.Use high-quality fertilizers to reduce your soil’s nutrient content5.Use an organic fertilizer that does not contain antibiotics6.Avoid high-fertilizer fertilizers7.Use organic fertilizers that are not biodegradable8.Avoid chemicals in fertilizers and pesticides9.Use plants that do […]

“What Does Fertile Mean?”

The number of women who become pregnant each year has more than doubled in the past decade, a new study found.A new study released Monday in the journal Science found that fertile women had a 5.9% chance of becoming pregnant each day in the United States.It also found that the probability of becoming a mother […]

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