Month: October 2021

Food prices up again after earthquakes in Japan

Japan has experienced its highest-ever drop in food prices and inflation has risen again following a major earthquake and tsunami in the country’s northeast.The currency and food prices are expected to continue rising this week, the Nikkei business daily reported on Thursday, citing government figures.The Nikkeitimes cited data from Japan’s government-run central bank and Japan […]

New study finds ‘Letrozol’ may be more effective than other fertilizers in reducing infant mortality

NEW YORK — New research published in the journal Plos One suggests that nitrogen-based fertilizers like Letrozolate, which are made from nitrogen and water, may have the potential to reduce infant mortality rates.The researchers, from Johns Hopkins University and University of California, Berkeley, looked at data from the U.S. National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey […]

Why does fertilizer need to be made by hand?

We now live in a world where the production of fertilizer can be done by hand, or at least by machines.But when I was growing up in the 1980s, it wasn’t uncommon for us to purchase fertilizer by the bushel.It wasn’t until the mid-1990s, however, that we began to realize that our traditional fertilizer could […]

Which is the better fertiliser for your hair?

By now you’ve probably heard about the controversy over hair fertilisers. The makers of the popular Fertile and Fluid Miracle products have said that the ingredients in their products are safe, but some women have been calling for them to be banned.The problem is, some hair care products are also labelled as ‘fertilisers’ by the FDA. Fertile […]

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